About us / Exams In SMV

Teaching and testing should go hand in hand. Realising the importance of Exams at every learning step, we conduct full length NEET and JEE exams on every Sunday in Sir MV After the exams, hints and solutions with key answers will be given to all the Students individually, followed by Question paper discussion on Monday by the subject lecturers. The results will be published on Tuesday. A detailed scrutiny of results of each and every student makes the student understand his/her Rank and his / her place in overall competition.

Every student will be counselled by the concerned lecturers as well as administrators. Results will be sent to parents through SMS. Slow learners will be given remedial classes. At adolescent age most of the students will be in great confusion. A third advanced competitive exam is also conducted for selected students based on performance in the Sunday test for both NEET and JEE students.